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Bitcoin Mining Calculators

Bitcoin mining calculators predict how much your mining rigs will earn and whether they will be profitable.

The earliest mining calculators estimated how many blocks a rig could find in a day, a week, a month, or a year. The fastest miners today take years to find one block, so most current mining calculators report the expected pool earnings instead.

These three mining calculators model earnings and expenses with increasing complexity.

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Enter your hash rate, power consumption, electricity cost, and mining pool fee. The CryptoCompare mining calculator will calculate your expected income, expenses, and profit for a day, week, month, and year. CryptoCompare colors the results table green or red to indicate a profit or loss.

This mining calculator assumes that the current Bitcoin price and mining difficulty will remain stable; they won’t.

CryptoCompare mining calculator screenshot



The CoinWarz mining calculator considers the additional expense of your mining hardware. This mining calculator also lets you adjust the Bitcoin price, mining difficulty, and the block reward. Increase the block reward if your mining pool shares transaction fees.

In addition to the income, expense, and profit data reported by CryptoCompare, the CoinWarz mining calculator computes pool fees, days to find a block, and days to break even.

Like CryptoCompare, this mining calculator assumes that the current Bitcoin price and mining difficulty will remain stable.

CoinWarz mining calculator partial screenshot



The BTC.com mining calculator provides the most detailed analysis of the three calculators shown here. This mining calculator lets you estimate future mining difficulty changes, which typically increase every two weeks. The resulting analysis can be tailored for any time period.

BTC.com mining calculator partial screenshot